White Paper: Apologetics & the Local Church

On June 9-10, 2017, the AIIA Institute called together forty-five vocational Christian apologists, campus ministry leaders, pastors, church leaders, and other evangelical Christian believers with a passion for Christian apologetics. Participants came from each of the six New England states, and beyond.

The purpose of the gathering was for those present to put their heads together for 24 hours of prayer and focused thought in developing fresh and creative ways to promote Christian apologetics, and the practice of effective apologetics at the local level, in our generation.

A White Paper report was compiled to outline the ideas and resources developed at this event. We hope that reading this report will translate to action in your own church, on your local campus, and in your sphere of influence.

Download a PDF file of this Report by clicking the following link:

A White Paper on Christian Apologetics, the Local Church, and Local Campus Ministry