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♦ CONSIDER YOURSELF WELCOMED to stop by the Study Center any time that you may happen to be traveling through Monson, Maine. Or contact us at 207-997-3644 to schedule an appointment.

♦ WHAT SHOULD WE MAKE OF GENESIS 1-3? AND DOES IT REALLY MATTER?  Ed Kalish thinks so. The Rev. W. Edwin Kalish is an Anglican clergyman with a storied past that includes his amazing journey to faith (featured on the radio program Unshackled), his years as a high school music instructor, his exceptional piano-playing ability, his stint of driving a city bus in Bangor, Maine, and now — fresh on the heels of a devastating stroke and challenging recovery — his publication of a thesis on why getting the Genesis account of creation right really matters — especially in light of the growing accommodation of evolutionary doctrine in the church. Beyond that, this thesis makes a strong case for a straightforward hermeneutic in many others matters that the Bible addresses. PLEASE NOTE: Although the basic thrust of this thesis represents AIIA’s own default position on the matter, we do not necessarily endorse every component, particular conclusion, or emphasis therein. We are posting this file in order to educate readers, and to provoke thoughtful reflection on a matter of significance. Click this link to view a .pdf file of the thesis as annotated by AIIA’s Executive Director, a personal friend of Rev. Kalish.

♦ IS A POPULAR HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE TEXTBOOK TAINTED WITH EVOLUTIONARY ASSUMPTIONS? AIIA Ministry Associate Bob Valiant, Director of Evidence for Hope (, recently produced an informed 11-page critique of some major macro-evolutionary assumptions that undergird Miller & Levine’s Biology — a noted Prentice-Hall (© 2008) textbook that’s been used for years in high school science classrooms across America. Parents, teachers, students, homeschoolers — regardless of your views on evolution, you should give this paper thoughtful consideration. To download a free .pdf file version of the paper, click here.

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY. AIIA is administered by a 20-member Board of Directors that reviews a comprehensive three-file Treasurer’s Report issued monthly. Bookkeeping is performed by Fortier Business Services of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, an affiliate of H&R Block. A complete annual financial compilation is issued by Brantner Thibodeau & Associates (BTA), an independent accounting firm based in Bangor, Maine. BTA also files IRS Form 990 annually on behalf of the AIIA Institute. Please contact us for further information about the measures we take to assure the complete integrity of all AIIA financial transactions.