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Upon the foundations of truth and faith rest all of America’s morals, ethics, principles of justice, cultural and political values — which, in turn, affect our music, arts, and social trends. Preserving the foundations is essential. Which is precisely why effective apologetics are also so critical.

Support the ongoing ministry of AIIA!

Here are four ways that you can help AIIA in our effort to shore up the foundations of truth — right here at home in America.

1. Pray for us regularly, just as you would for any mission work.

2. Supply us with the name(s) and home address(es) of honest inquirers or skeptics whom you have reason to believe might be effectively influenced by reading AIIA’s bimonthly thoughtletter.

3. Get your church involved. Tell your missions committee about AIIA. Build up your church library with key resources such as those featured in our web store.

4. Support AIIA financially. Monthly support is especially helpful. All contributions to AIIA are tax deductible as per sections 170 and 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.

Contributions by check should be made payable to “AIIA” and mailed to us at:

AIIA Institute
PO Box 262
Monson, Maine 04464

Or you are welcome to contribute online by clicking the PayPal button below. All contributions are personally acknowledged and promptly receipted.

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