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Is the Biblical Jesus Credible?

AREOPAGUS Proclamation Volume 18, No. 6 • Nov-Dec, 2008 by Daryl E. Witmer   Every year, often just as Christmas or Easter are approaching, the secular media invests a great deal of effort to trot out the big bad dogs of skepticism as regards the veracity of the Bible and/or the historicity of the Biblical Jesus. These […]

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Can a Person Believe in God and Evolution?

by Daryl E. Witmer   Yes , certainly it’s possible for someone to affirm faith in God and evolution. I know many who do. But in order to do so, one must circumvent the traditional definition of the term ‘God’ or ‘evolution’ or both. Which makes taking this position a mistake.   Now I’m assuming […]

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What’s the Verdict on Spiritual Formation?

by Daryl E. Witmer QUESTION: What exactly is Spiritual Formation? On its face, spiritual formation seems to refer simply to the growth and development of one’s spiritual life and awareness. In this sense, spiritual formation is the common ambition of all religions, not just Christianity. But in a more formal sense, and in a strictly […]

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Ehrman on Abiathar: Is the Bible Ever Mistaken?

Volume 18 • No. 2 • March-April, 2008 Download PDF

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If God Never Changes, Why Was He Once So Cruel?

by Daryl E. Witmer A: Well, for starters, we would have to disagree with the characterization of God as ever having been cruel. Q: Then you should read Psalm 137: 9, 1 Samuel 15:3, and Ezekiel 9:6. In each of those texts, God appears to either bless or actually outright order pregnant women to be […]

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