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Is the Biblical Jesus Credible?

AREOPAGUS Proclamation Volume 18, No. 6 • Nov-Dec, 2008 by Daryl E. Witmer   Every year, often just as Christmas or Easter are approaching, the secular media invests a great deal of […]

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Can a Person Believe in God and Evolution?

by Daryl E. Witmer   Yes , certainly it’s possible for someone to affirm faith in God and evolution. I know many who do. But in order to do so, […]

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What’s the Verdict on Spiritual Formation?

by Daryl E. Witmer QUESTION: What exactly is Spiritual Formation? On its face, spiritual formation seems to refer simply to the growth and development of one’s spiritual life and awareness. […]

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Ehrman on Abiathar: Is the Bible Ever Mistaken?

Volume 18 • No. 2 • March-April, 2008 Download PDF

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If God Never Changes, Why Was He Once So Cruel?

by Daryl E. Witmer A: Well, for starters, we would have to disagree with the characterization of God as ever having been cruel. Q: Then you should read Psalm 137: […]

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