Two studies in one!

In The Case for Easter, Lee Strobel looks at the story of Jesus’ resurrection and reveals how we can know that it actually took place. He explores the “discrepancies” critics have pointed to in the Gospel accounts, looks at the evidence that Jesus’ tomb was truly empty, and shows how the eyewitness accounts of those who saw Jesus alive after the crucifixion are credible. Four sessions.

In The Case for Christmas, Lee Strobel investigates the story of Jesus’ birth and reveals how we can know it is true. He examines the Bible’s claim that Jesus was born of a virgin, some of the “puzzles” we find in the Gospel that don’t seem to match up with the historical record, and the great mystery of the incarnation – how Jesus could be both fully God and fully human. Four sessions.

This Study Pack contains one The Case for Easter Study Guide, one The Case for Christmas Study Guide, and one DVD case containing both The Case for Easter and The Case for Christmas Video Study.

Sessions include:

The Case for Easter

Evidence for the Resurrection (21:00)
An Excruciating Execution (20:00)
The Case for the Empty Tomb (22:00)
Eyewitnesses to the Resurrection (21:00)

The Case For Christmas

Setting the Record Straight (21:00)
Beneath the Fake News (21:00)
A Mind-Boggling Proposition (20:00)
The Prophetic Fingerprint (21:30)

Approximate runtime: 167 minutes