Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 2. Life & Design provides an overview of the structures and systems found throughout creation. It explores the fascinating fields of biology, genetics, and intelligent design through 16 in-depth interviews with Del Tackett and six scientists featured in the film.

The segments focus on specific areas of biological science. They are perfect for families, churches, schools, and homeschools wanting to learn how Genesis explains so much of the world around us.

Todd Wood, PhD – Biologist | Memphis Zoo
Introduction to Created Kinds (16:36)
The Power of Natural Selection (15:55)
The Origin of Flight & Mosaic Animals (10:12)
Humans & Apes (12:20)

Kurt Wise, PhD – Paleontologist | Pocket Wilderness
Amazing Relationships Throughout Creation (20:48)
How the Natural Realm Reflects God (14:47)

Stuart Burgess, PhD – Engineer | Wheat Field & Reelfoot Lake, TN
The Design of Earth & Stars (19:02)
The Design of Animals & People (19:31)

Robert Carter, PhD – Marine Biologist | Coral World, St. Thomas USVI
Diversity & Design in the Ocean (21:16)
Evolution, Creation, and the Order of Species (17:42)
The Extraordinary Design of DNA (21:44)
Using DNA as a Clock (10:15)

Kevin Anderson, PhD – Microbiologist | Creation Research Center
Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones (21:21)
Evolution & Mutations (20:59)

Paul Nelson, PhD – Philosopher of Science | Computer History Museum
Exploring Paradigms & Design (22:19)
Intelligent Design in Nature (19:46)