Here at AIIA, we are often asked what we consider to be the best Christian apologetics resources available today — references, curriculum, multi-media, posters, etc.

“If you could name just one or two books that we should have in our library, what would they be?” Or, “What’s the best book of all time for helping us to answer tough questions?”

Hey, that question itself is a really tough question!

We haven’t narrowed the choices down to just one or even two items. But here in our store we have selected some of the very best resources that are currently available. These are “must have” items for your church library, your personal library, and to share as gifts to those you know — young or old — who are asking serious questions about matters of faith.

AIIA does not necessarily endorse every single line in every one of these resources, or every position of their authors. But we do generally and favorably reference all of them.

NOTE: In many cases AIIA benefits financially when you order through our site, while you still enjoy the lowest prices. So shop away. You’re not just spending money — you’re investing in the defense of historic Christian truth.

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