About Us

The Areopagus, i.e. Hill of Ares/Mars Hill, became prominent in ancient Greece well before the time of Christ as an established and highly respected judicial court and legislative council. By the First Century the city of Athens had become a frequent forum for the exchange of information and commentary on various new ideas and philosophies. The New Testament Bible Book of Acts, chapter 17, relates an account of the Apostle Paul’s visit to Athens, including the Areopagus, circa 51-53 A.D., and of his proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in that place.

Areopagus II America, d.b.a. AIIA Institute (AIIA) is a contemporary, adapted construct of the original Areopagus, offering information and perspective on various worldviews and thoughtforms. Unlike the original Areopagus, the perspective and commentary offered by AIIA is distinctly Christian in nature. AIIA was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1991 by its Director and Founder Daryl E. Witmer. It has since grown significantly, receiving steady affirmation and increasing interest from a broad range of individuals, leaders, and agencies.