What’s Happening this Summer?

What’s the latest with AIIA and the Witmers?


Check out the new slide show (and click on each slide) at http://aiiainstitute.org

The compendium project continues to be my major day-by-day focus. I’m about three-fourths of my way to an initial draft (hopefully by August 1), then on to fine-tuning, publishing, and distribution before the end of the year. I’m pleased by how this project is shaping up and increasingly convinced of its potential value. But it’s been far more time consuming than I had anticipated. Looks like the final spiral-bound project may approximate 450 pages! Please pray that I’ll not be waylaid from a tight schedule by too many distractions or health issues.

Mary and I have been hunkered down here on Homer Hill while I work hard on the compendium. Andrew and Maureen and their children are in London this Summer while Andrew teaches a Summer course for James Madison University (photo included). Stephen and Emma and their children continue in active ministry with Pepperell Christian Fellowship and Small Town Summits. Tim and Amy and their children are all well in Linneus, Maine, while Tim works with Louisiana Pacific Company, often flying around the country to inventory LP’s vast domain of plants.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to our van fund through Next Chapter. We’re now over two-thirds of the way to our goal.

I have been reading Providence by John Piper word-for-word almost every morning since January and am now nearly finished. What an encouragement. This is about what matters. And it leaves me feeling increasing out-of-step with the world in which I’m living, which so often seems so shallow and focused on temporal concerns, e.g. possessions, politics, social media posts about trivial matters.

The kingdom of God will endure forever. To Him be all glory!

Daryl E Witmer, Executive Director
Monson, Maine


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