Library Apologetics


On numerous occasions over the years, when questions about the credibility of historic Christian faith have come to mind or been posed by others, I have turned to the witness and written records of hundreds and thousands of respected, well-lived, thoughtful men and women throughout human history — beginning, of course, with the inspired writings and messages of the Bible writers, prophets, and apostles. 

The calm reasoned persuasive testimony of so many reputable, admirable individuals  — old and young, rich and poor, black and white, Asian and Latino, folks from every background and nation, some with a high school education and others with double doctorates — has had a fortifying effect on my faith and confidence in the Christian worldview.

Sometimes simply entering AIIA’s apologetics resource library and perusing the great collection of reference books, charts, graphs, testimonials, lectures, DVDs, CDs and curricula there (not to mention all that’s now also available online, e.g. Christian apologetics websites and pages and files), where great scholars have provided rational answers to every conceivable question that could ever be asked about the Christian faith — all of this has proven so reassuring. I have sometimes thought of it as an infusion of “library apologetics.” — excerpted from the Compendium of Christian Apologetics Resources to be published and distributed in 2023-2024.


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