Trail Life Hikers Visit AIIA’s Study Center


On Tuesday, June 28, a group of seven young men visited AIIA’s Study Center. They had just completed a hike through the 100-mile Wilderness (from Monson to Baxter State Park), and had all summited Mt. Katahdin, Maine’s highest mountain and the Appalachian Trail’s northern terminus. 

During their visit to the Study Center I was privileged to address them briefly, providing an introduction to Christian apologetics, my own journey to meaningful faith in Christ, our current work with the AIIA Institute, and a challenge to consider the possibility of someday themselves ministering in northern New England.

We ended their visit with prayer and a quick photo shoot. Then they headed home — ten plus hours straight through to Lititz PA!

These hikers were all affiliated with Trail Life Troop PA-0316.

Trail Life USA is an impressive, solidly Christian alternative to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Click here for more information.

This particular troop is based at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Lititz PA where Jeff Klansek (photo, right front) serves as pastor. Pastor Jeff and Jay Snyder (photo, right rear) had traveled to Maine to assist with transportation.

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— Daryl E. Witmer, AIIA Executive Director • posted 6/30/2022

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