Sneak Preview: What’s Ahead in 2022?


GOD WILLING, we’re about to launch yet another full year of ministry: validating the case for the Christian worldview.

Here are a few ways to preview what’s coming:

• A NEW SIX-COUNT ROTATING SLIDESHOW is now up and running on the front page of AIIA’s website. Click on each slide for the story behind the panel and graphics.

Our entire 2022 FAITH MATTERS PROJECTED AGENDA is also now posted. Check for details on when we’ll be featuring sessions on J. Warner Wallace’s brand new Person of Interest curriculum, the paradox of The Trinity, Aliens, Judaism, a review of Return of the God Hypothesis by Stephen Meyer, an overview of Christianity, Cults, & World Religions — and much more.

• 2022 is the 200TH ANNIVERSARY of the Town of MONSON, MAINE. Barring a continuation of the scourge of COVID this would be a great year for you to visit AIIA’s historic Study Center and walk around town. Along with engaging Appalachian Trail hikers and Monson Arts students from all over the world, as usual, this unique occasion will provide an increased opportunity for us to exchange on the most important matters in life with countless additional visitors coming to Town.

LOOK FOR OUR FULL-PAGE full color ad in Yankee and Maine Seniors magazines this coming March. Let us know if you spot them.

• AIIA’S THOUGHTLETTER, the Proclamation, will continue to be published bimonthly and surface-mailed to over nine thousand addresses all over the country and parts of Canada in 2022.

Your continued interest in our lives and work is a great encouragement to us. Thanks to so many of you who have also come alongside us financially with special end-of-year giving. This will allow us to focus on study, research, and practicing apologetics rather than finding ways to meet our budget.

A Happy and God-honoring New Year to you!


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