What If Some Bible Books Are Missing?


How sure are you that all 27 New Testament Bible Books are God-inspired? Conversely, what if some Bible Books that God did inspire got lost?

If you are a Bible-believing Christian, are you prepared to competently respond to such questions?

The Da Vinci Code raised many of these issues in 2009. Since then there has been speculation about the so-called Lost Gospels. Author and professor Bart Ehrman continually attempts to cast doubt on the reliability of the canon, i.e. the measure or standard of which books and writings are included in the Bible.

On April 3 at AIIA’s Faith Matters event we reviewed an excellent DVD-based lecture by Dr. Michael J. Kruger of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte NC, who tackles and helpfully addresses all of these concerns and more. We’ve given this resource a recommended rating. The DVD’s six 23-minute segment format makes it convenient for use in a small group or Sunday School setting, or perhaps even with senior youth.

Be prepared to make a defense of the Bible as the written, uniquely-inspired, and reliable word of God by investing in, and being informed by, this excellent resource: The New Testament Canon, first produced in 2019, published by Ligonier Ministries, and marketed by many booksellers.


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