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AIIA’s COVID-19 Policy Statement for Q2 of 2021

  Here is AIIA’s coronavirus policy statement for the second quarter (April-May-June) of 2021. AIIA remains fully committed to participating in the effort to conquer the coronavirus pandemic here in America, as per current Federal CDC and State of Maine guidelines. For that reason, and because the space inside our Study Center is limited, we […]

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Does How We Understand Genesis 1-3 Matter?

  WHAT SHOULD WE MAKE OF GENESIS 1-3? AND DOES IT REALLY MATTER? Ed Kalish thinks so. The Rev. W. Edwin Kalish is an Anglican clergyman with a storied past that includes his amazing journey to faith (featured on the radio program Unshackled), his years as a high school music instructor, his exceptional piano-playing ability, […]

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