A Big Gospel in Small Places


On November 5, 2019, InterVarsity Press (IVP) published a book authored by Stephen Witmer titled: A Big Gospel in Small Places, © 2019 InterVarsity, 216 pages, ISBN 0830841555. The book is now available through Amazon, Christianbook, Barnes & Noble, and numerous other book vendors.

In the short time since its release the book has been garnering significant attention, praise, and awards from a variety of Christian media sources, including:

WORLD Magazine’s 2019 Book of the Year (Short List: Accessible Theology)

The Gospel Coalition’s 2019 Book Award (Ministry)

• The Send Institute’s Top 10 Church Planting-Related Books of 2019

You can read the official review from IVP itself by clicking here.

The paperback’s title (A Big Gospel in Small Places) and subtitle (Why Ministry in Forgotten Communities Matters) make the thesis of this book fairly clear. And while it may be of primary benefit to pastors and church leaders serving in small places, it should also prove informative to any and all believers living at a time when culture seems bent on promoting the idea that bigger is always necessarily better. 

Stephen includes many stories from real life (including his growing-up years in Monson, Maine) to illustrate the importance of gospel ministry in every place. He cites studies and commentary by respected church leaders to make the case for ministering the gospel to all “the ends of the earth,” no matter the size, in obedience to the commission of Christ (Acts 1:8).

Stephen has pastored Pepperell Christian Fellowship in Pepperell MA since 2008, so he is able to draw on his own experiences as a minister.

This book is not apologetics-related per se, but along with reporting on this work by one of our own Witmer family members (Stephen is our son), we believe that you will find it enlightening in principle no matter where you live, shine, minister the gospel, and defend historic Christian truth. This book should prove well worth your time and while to read. You may then also decide to encourage your pastor by sharing a copy with him. (By the way I do not receive a commission for book sales!)   — Daryl E. Witmer, AIIA Executive Director

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