Monson Reinvented

The AIIA Institute was incorporated in 1991. It has been headquartered here in Monson, Maine, ever since.

Like many other small towns in Piscataquis County, the town seemed to be in decline for a long time. Then something happened a few years ago that changed that trend — something that has the potential to make a long term difference in this town.

Some of you have noted what we’ve periodically written about this new development since 2017. Now, in its September 2019 issue, Down East magazine — probably the state’s leading Maine-based monthly periodical — features a carefully-researched and very well-written article on what’s happening in this little northwoods village. The article includes a gallery of great photographs. It is well worth reading. It might even make you want to come visit Monson, eat locally, and tour AIIA’s Study Center.

There’s a photo of the Study Center in the article, and of even our silver van parked in the driveway. Can you spot it?

Here’s the link — click here.

Let us know what you think.


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