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IS GOD’S TRUTH under serious attack these days? 

IS THE INCREASED ATTRITION OF YOUTH from evangelical churches due in large measure to the fact that so many young people believe that there just are no good answers to the tough questions about life and faith and truth? 

IS THE BATTLE FOR TRUTH particularly evident in northern New England?

DO YOU BELIEVE that AIIA is (and has been for over 25 years now) effectively and faithfully engaged on the front lines of spiritually needy Maine and New England regarding such issues?

MIGHT GOD MOVE YOU to financially support AIIA’S promotion and practice of Christian apologetics in 2019?

HAS GOD BLESSED YOU with a good salary, a recent special gift, or some retirement fund disbursements — enabling you to use discretionary income to support this work?

DO YOU SHARE OUR HISTORIC ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW? If not, or if you have not previously contributed to AIIA, we do not ask or expect you to do so now. But if you do, and if you are willing to support our work, please make your check payable to “AIIA Institute” and mail it with your complete name and current address to AIIA at:

PO Box 262 • Monson ME 04464-0262. 

You can also contribute by credit card online by clicking the PayPal button on AIIA’s website at 

All contributions to AIIA are fully tax deductible as per section 170 and 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Every contribution will be promptly acknowledged and receipted.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: To qualify for a deduction on the tax return that you will file next Spring, your contribution must be made, postmarked, or emailed no later than midnight on December 31, 2018.

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