Is Christianity Valid for Everyone?

Suppose someone says to you, “Everyone has their own worldview — which makes true objectivity impossible. If true objectivity is impossible then no worldview can be considered universally valid. Therefore Christianity is not universally valid. Christian belief may be fine for you but please don’t claim that it’s true for everyone.”

How would you respond?

Does the logic in that syllogism break down somewhere? If so, where?

Can you offer an intelligent reply (an apologetic) to such an argument — before reading on? 

Well . . . if someone asserts that no worldview can be considered universally valid, you might ask them if that assertion itself is universally valid. If not, who decides when it is valid at all, or even if it is ever valid? If so, then wouldn’t that make the assertion self-defeating and meaningless?

HERE’S A LINK to a free 28-page e-book from Southern Evangelical Seminary — one of the leading educational institutions in the United States that specialize in Christian apologetics. In Chapter 6 this great little e-book makes a convincing case for Christian truth and provides a sound response to the questions outlined above. It’s readable and understandable. Take time to download and check it out a copy today.

Daryl E. Witmer, AIIA Executive Director

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