Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181101.b

Mary has continued to recover from aortic valve surgery throughout the afternoon and evening hours. She is still sleepy as the result of anesthesia administered during her surgery, but was actually sitting in a chair for an hour at one point. She will probably be walking tomorrow. Pain has been managed well. The CCU staff have been quite positive about her early progress. She has been in a good steady sinus rhythm with reasonable pressures and levels.

Stephen arrived from MA early in the afternoon. AIIA Board member Vin Upham, a retired minister from NY, has been here with us since Tuesday to help me with personal care now and in the coming weeks.  Talk about real service in Jesus’ Name.

Thanks for your continued concern and prayers.

I’m not able to respond to most emails at this point, but will try to continue to post about Mary’s progress in the coming days and weeks.

Daryl E. Witmer

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  1. Debbie Falkenburg
    Posted November 2, 2018 at 12:01 am | Permalink

    So glad to read of Mary’s progress. Continuing to pray for complete recovery Love Debbie

  2. Eugene Witmer
    Posted November 2, 2018 at 7:55 am | Permalink

    We hang on to your every word and give thanks to the Lord for Mary’s seemingly good progress.

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