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Another Piece of Cake

EVERYBODY HAS TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING. I believe I’ll have another piece of cake. Chocolate cake. Lots of frosting. Eat, drink, be merry. Tomorrow we might . . . eat even more. Anything wrong with hedonism? If you live within driving range of AIIA’s Study Center in Monson, Maine, plan now join us at our […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181126

Just a brief update here this morning to let those of you who are interested know that Mary continues to make good progress in healing from her aortic valve replacement procedure on November 1. The one persistent challenge has been getting a good night’s sleep due to discomfort in her back and near her primary […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181120

In the four days since my last post on Mary’s status there have been a number of positive developments. First, the bleeding from a secondary wound created during Mary’s open heart surgery on November 1 has now almost totally ended. That’s a huge relief.  Second, she has been taken off Coumadin, the anticoagulant that she […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181116

It’s been a number of days since I’ve provided an update on Mary’s recovery from aortic valve replacement surgery on November 1. In general she is making good headway but we’re learning that there’s a lot more to this experience than a one-time two-hour operation on the heart itself. Along with the primary incision to […]

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Is Christianity Valid for Everyone?

Suppose someone says to you, “Everyone has their own worldview — which makes true objectivity impossible. If true objectivity is impossible then no worldview can be considered universally valid. Therefore Christianity is not universally valid. Christian belief may be fine for you but please don’t claim that it’s true for everyone.” How would you respond? […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181110

Mary continues to steadily recuperate from aortic valve replacement surgery on November 1. Thanks for tracking along with her progress here and on previous blogs. Each day seems to be another step in the right direction. Yesterday she had an appointment with our family physician. Dr. Perlman confirmed that she is now back in sinus rhythm. […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181107

Today has been a day of nurses visiting, calling, and checking in as a follow up to Mary’s heart valve replacement surgery last Thursday, November 1. I’ve been “picking up the pieces” here at home after nearly a whole week away — responding to phone calls, answering days-old emails, and sorting through a large bag […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181106

Good evening from Homer Hill in Monson, Maine! That’s right — we’re home — and so far, so good. Our friends Wayne & Jane Armstrong came to Eastern Maine Medical Center this afternoon to transport Mary home in the back seat of their car. The back seat of a car is airbag-free, making it a […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181105

It’s been a long day of ups and downs, but one that on net seems to have ended well. At about 8:30 AM Mary’s heart slipped back into afib. So disappointing. But then this evening at about 7:00 PM it once again converted back to sinus. Mary had just been praying and immediately credited God’s […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181104

The good news of the day is that, within minutes of Mary’s two chest tubes being removed, her heart rhythm suddenly converted from atrial fibrillation (afib). However, it converted to another form of arrhythmia — possibly atrial flutter, according to her nurse, although sinus tachycardia was also mentioned as a possibility at one point. But […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181103

As of 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon, Mary’s heart continues in afib. This leaves her feeling very washed out. (I understand that feeling from years of experience with afib myself.) She speaks in a quiet voice, moves very slowly, and has almost no appetite. I’m used to her cheery smile and steady sunny disposition, but that […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181102.b

Within minutes of my posting the previous blog from my hotel room at about 3:00 PM on Friday afternoon, while enroute back to Mary’s bedside at the hospital, Stephen phoned to say that Mary had slipped into an arrhythmic heartbeat pattern known as atrial fibrillation (afib). While not totally uncommon for patients who’ve just had […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181102.a

Over twenty-seven (27) hours following the conclusion of aortic valve replacement surgery, Mary continues to make good progress. She has had many IVs, catheter, and other tubes and wires removed. The chest drainage tubes remain and they, plus the incision, are still causing considerable discomfort and pain. But she has been much more alert and […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181101.b

Mary has continued to recover from aortic valve surgery throughout the afternoon and evening hours. She is still sleepy as the result of anesthesia administered during her surgery, but was actually sitting in a chair for an hour at one point. She will probably be walking tomorrow. Pain has been managed well. The CCU staff […]

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Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181101.a

Mary’s surgery ended just before Noon today, November 1. Her preparation time lasted somewhat longer that initially projected, so the operation itself didn’t begin until after 9:00 AM, although we were up at 3:30 AM and had arrived to register on Surgical Level 3 at 5:00 AM sharp. It’s already been a long day. I […]

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