Valuable Links

Valuable Apologetics-Related Links

The following links will direct you to a number of valuable, reputable, well- established Christian apologetics organizations that have a presence on the Internet and that hold views generally compatible with our own.

Disclaimer: Although AIIA is in agreement with the basic charter and scope of the resources linked here, we do not necessarily endorse every specific view of every resource.

We solicit your references and suggestions on any of what is listed here as a help to us when instituting future revisions of this page. • Perhaps the most extensive and helpful database of doctrinally-reliable answers to questions about Christian truth, life, and theology.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries • International in scope, and addressing skeptics and seekers directly.

ChristianAnswers.Net • For many years AIIA was hosted by CAN. It offers succinct articles and helpful reviews on current movies.

Answers in Genesis • Probably the largest Christian apologetics organization in the world today. Many articles and resources.

C.S. Lewis Society • Dr. Tom Woodward keeps this page current with the latest in apologetics resources — especially related to science and origins.

Stand to Reason • Greg Koukl directs this excellent apologetics organization.

Reasonable Faith • The web site of respected Christian philosopher and apologist, William Lane Craig.

Ligonier Ministries The web site of R. C. Sproul. Offers many academic resources pertaining to Christian apologetics. • We recommend this site (affiliated with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) for skeptics or seekers who begin to understand that Christianity is reasonable and true and wonder what comes next.

Ratio Christi • Promotes Christian apologetics on campuses worldwide, references other apologetics ministries, and much more!

Creation Ministries International • Offers a large inventory of resource material on Biblical creationism. Scholarly yet readable.

Bible Sprout • A fast and helpful online Bible that offers numerous translations, addresses a number of apologetics-related questions, and provides other valuable resources for study.