The Bulwark Coalition


THE BULWARK COALITION is a think tank organized and coordinated by the AIIA Institute. It is a select alliance (by application/invitation only) of Christian believers willing to work, pray, and strategize together for the defense of historic Christian truth and the promotion of effective cutting-edge Christian apologetics in and through local evangelical churches in New England and beyond in our time.

This Bulwark Coalition is comprised of believers (one individual or couple per church) who have a passion for Christian apologetics. They have a desire to provide persuasive evidence for Biblical faith. They often have the spiritual gift of discernment. And they have a heart for helping others (young people and older) stand strong in their faith.

Churches and Christian para-local-church ministries are invited to complete and submit the application form below. AIIA will respond within three weeks.

Approved designates will participate by attending an annual meeting where at least one reputable vocational Christian apologist will be present to stimulate thinking and encourage the development of creative strategies for promoting apologetics in and through the local church. Throughout the year they may be given some reading assignments and otherwise asked to share in a limited exchange via email or by tuning into live video conferencing.

NOTE: Annual meeting registration fees, meals, and lodging costs may be covered — at least in part— by AIIA.

We believe that participants will be fortified in their own faith while being part of a larger effort to strengthen countless other believers. And we’re convinced that the churches and ministries that they represent will also benefit significantly.

For more information please contact — or call 207.997.3644.

We hope to hear from you and your church soon!

NOTE: We have now reached capacity for the Think Tank event scheduled for June 9-10, 2017, in Bangor, Maine.