The Best Defense

If the best defense
is a good offense

here’s a plan bound to sustain and advance
Christian conviction in the intensifying
battle of world views.



A series of Defense Training Seminars in ten key locations throughout northern New England
• 2013 – 2016

These seminars are designed to offer all followers of Christ an introduction to basic Christian apologetics.

Seminars will be held from 9:00 AM to Noon on designated Saturdays in 2013-2016. Click here for exact dates, locations, registration forms, and other details. There is no charge for attending this event.

Seminar titles will vary from location to location, but may include: “Why Apologetics?” • “The Claims & Identity of Christ” • “Tactics” • “Evidence for the Divinity & Reliability of the Bible” • “Good God, Wicked World” • “The Case for the Resurrection” • “Science & Origins” • “Worldview Inventory”


THE BEST DEFENSE 2: the Bulwark Coalition

THE BEST DEFENSE 2: the Bulwark Coalition

A select alliance for prayer and the ongoing promotion of historic Christian truth
• 2014 & forward

This initiative will establish a team of believers representing a variety of doctrinally sound churches and denominations from northern New England who are pledged to pray, plan, and work for the preservation and defense of historic Christian truth in our time — through cutting-edge apologetics.

Believers with an interest in being part of such an alliance are invited to contact us for an application form. We’re looking for real commitment, not numbers, though — so this program is not necessarily for everyone.

Criteria for affiliation includes: submission of a favorable reference from one’s own pastor and one other respected Christian leader, attendance at one or more AIIA-sponsored events since 2000, a satisfactorily completed application form, a signed endorsement of AIIA’s statement of faith (posted on our web site), and a pledge to make participation a real priority.


THE BEST DEFENSE 3: Why Jesus? 2016

THE BEST DEFENSE 3: why Jesus?

A Northern New England Conference on Christian Evidences
• Greater Bangor/Orono, Maine • May 7 2016

Why Jesus? 2016 is a one-day all-day conference is being designed to inspire and equip Christian believers in the practice and promotion of effective Christian apologetics. More specifically, our goal is to cite convincing evidence for historic Christian truth as the most rational, meaningful, and livable belief system in the history of the world.

The conference is intended for all Christians, not just pastors or seminarians. Teaching will be clear, simple, and relevant for every Christian who is sincere about defending, contending for, and sharing his or her faith.

This event is being planned, and will be carried out, with counsel from, and the participation of, many men and women representing a wide variety of Christ-centered churches. The event coordinator and primary sponsor is the AIIA Institute. Those interested in serving at the conference in some practical way are invited to contact AIIA.

The conference will feature a variety of workshops and presentations. A number of widely-known speakers will participate, including Lee Strobel and Randy David Newman. Dr. Ravi Zacharias will deliver the keynote address on Saturday evening. The Oasis Chorale, an a capella team of about 40 Beachy Amish and Mennonite singers from across the United States and Canada, will offer artful music for thoughtful worship.

Information on how to register for this conference, costs, exact date, exact location, and other details will be announced on AIIA’s web site at well in advance of the event itself, now set for May 7, 2016.