Announcements & Policies

WITMERS ON SABBATICAL IN 2018! In October 2017 AIIA’s Board of Directors unanimously ratified a plan for Daryl & Mary Witmer to commit to a four-month sabbatical (April, May, June, July) in 2018. A sabbatical is not a vacation, although it will involve some rest. This sabbatical is being planned as an intentional time of diversion from the routine in order to refresh, reassess ministry and personal goals, and reset for the next phase of the Witmers’ lives and mission. Some of this time will be spent in travel. Because AIIA’s staff is limited, many routine operations will be canceled or put on hold during this period. Elizabeth May will continue to process contributions and maintain basic office operations. We will monitor all email and phone calls, but our response may be delayed and your calls may at times be referred to members of AIIA’s staff or board. No speaking engagements or Faith Matters meetings are being scheduled from April thru July. Thank you for facilitating this plan by praying for the Witmers and continuing to support this important ministry financially!

CONSIDER YOURSELF WELCOMED to stop by the Study Center any time that you may happen to be traveling through Monson, Maine. Or contact us at 207-997-3644 to schedule an appointment. If mutually agreeable plans can be arranged, we’d be pleased to provide lunch and/or a brief tour.

FREE POSTERCLICK HERE to view a poster promoting AIIA’s thoughtletter. We’d be happy to send you a free copy of this poster for the asking if you will agree to post it in a conspicuous public venue.

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY. AIIA is administered by a 20-member Board of Directors that reviews a comprehensive three-file Treasurer’s Report issued monthly. Bookkeeping is performed by Fortier Business Services of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, an affiliate of H&R Block. A complete annual financial compilation is issued by Brantner Thibodeau & Associates (BTA), an independent accounting firm based in Bangor, Maine. BTA also files IRS Form 990 on behalf of the AIIA Institute. Please contact us for further information about the measures we take to assure the complete integrity of all AIIA financial transactions.