“Among the regional enterprises that call America to return to spiritual roots, and sound a strong witness to Christ, is Areopagus II America.” – The late Dr. Carl F. H. Henry, theologian and author

“This may be the largest apologetics conference in U.S. history. It could very well be. I’ve never seen one this big.” — Lee Strobel, Christian apologist, author, and speaker, in his opening address at WHY JESUS? 2016, an event organized and coordinated by AIIA in Bangor, Maine, in May, 2016.

“Your idea makes it possible to communicate the truth freely, authentically, and in a balanced way, without intimidating.” – The late Dr. Richard C. Halverson, former chaplain of the United States Senate

“I have been pleased to receive the AIIA material for several years. I find it to be very practical for the average layman who today, more than ever, needs apologetic tools to engage people and ideas alien to God’s truth.” – K. Craig Branch, Director, Apologetics Resource Center, Birmingham AL; author, speaker, former VP of Watchman Fellowship

“I recommend AIIA to every church who would like to better equip the Body for ministry in the skeptical society in which we find ourselves living.” – Dr. Ves Sheely, former District Superintendant, New England District, Evangelical Free Church of America

“AIIA Institute excites me as a ministry for the 21st Century geared both to those receptive to traditional apologetics, as well as to those from a more ‘post-modern’ frame of reference. The high view of Scripture combined with contemporary approaches of engagement strikes an excellent balance.” – Dr. Martin Crain, former Director of professional doctoral programs at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL