REVIEW: Reflections on the Existence of God


I’d like to recommend a book to you that I just finished reading this week. It’s entitled Reflections on the Existence of God. The author? Dr. Richard E Simmons III.

This book was released in 2019 by Union Hill Publishing. It features over 50 short essays that each pack a punch. The essays address many forms of unbelief — from atheism to agnosticism to naturalism. In providing evidence for the existence of God, a convincing case is made for the deity of Christ.

In 299 pages Dr. Simmons addresses subjects such as evil, meaning, Darwinian evolution, the psychology of unbelief, morality, and more.

Most essays are only two or three pages long. You can easily read an essay in 20-30 minutes. 

Included are lots of stories and pithy quotes.

Let me share with you here just one example about a young lady by the name of Andrea Dilley who says: “I left the church in part because I was mad at God about human suffering and injustice. And I came back to church because of that same struggle.” 

At some point Ms. Dilley began to realize that “If morality is subjective, you cannot say that Hitler was wrong and you cannot condemn evil.” If that’s true, then “the idea of justice doesn’t mean anything. To talk about justice you have to talk about objective morality and to talk about objective morality you have to talk about God.”

Dr. Simmons writes that although she had rejected the Church, “eventually Andrea Dilley changed her mind and embraced the Christian worldview because it is consistent with the real world in which she lives.”

This is a book that I would recommended to believers and sincere skeptics.


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