Is It Possible to Know God?


Here are two excellent new Christian apologetics resources of which I recently became aware:

1. Is It Possible to Know God? Click here to view this great free new animated seven-minute Youtube video. Can one really know the infinite-personal God of the Bible? The video’s script and narration is provided by leading Christian apologist and philosopher, William Lane Craig. This video incorporates a simple gospel message and invitation. Good to pass along to your skeptical friends.

2. Is Christmas Unbelievable? Four Questions Everyone Should Ask About the World’s Most Famous Story | by Rebecca McLaughlin.  © 2021 The Good Book Company.  Click here to purchase on Amazon. One chapter — of only four in this entire simple little booklet — is entitled, “How Can You Believe in a Virgin Birth?” How would you answer that? Just 63 pages. Very readable.


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