New Book by Randy Newman just released


Randy David Newman was one of the most popular speakers at AIIA’s landmark WHY JESUS? 2016 conference, hosted five years ago in Bangor, Maine.  He has a long history of effectively promoting (and practicing) Christian evangelism and apologetics. And now he has come out with a brand new book. I’ve just read it.

Mere Evangelism: 10 Insights from C.S. Lewis to Help You Share Your Faith was published earlier this year (2021) by The Good Book Company.

As the book’s title indicates, this 157-page volume will prove helpful in focusing the thinking of all Christians reading it on how to creatively and effectively share and defend the gospel of Christ. What Christian shouldn’t want that to happen?

Those who have never read much of Lewis will be treated to many of the famous apologist’s classic dictums and passages. Sometimes the connection with Lewis’ work seems a bit stretched, and the book tends to run a bit heavy on theory and principle at times. But overall there is enough practical takeaway application and Newman commentary to make this a worthwhile investment.

On the last three pages of the final chapter of the book, the author cites a truly amazing and well-crafted letter from a 17-year old skeptic that turns out to have been written by — well, I’ll let you discover just who when you read the book for yourself!


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