Mama Bear Apologetics

I just finished reading Mama Bear Apologetics. I also just finished ordering three more copies of Mama Bear Apologetics — one for each of my daughters-in-law. Not because they aren’t already in touch with good resources to support them in their efforts to join their husbands (my sons) in raising their children (my grandchildren) “in the nurture and admonition (discipline and instruction) of the Lord” — but because I’m convinced that this book will even better equip them to do so.

It seems clear to me that Mama Bear Apologetics (Harvest House, ©2019) will quickly join Natasha Crain’s Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side (Harvest House, ©2016) as a contemporary classic in advocating the use of apologetics to fortify young children and teens in the Christian faith, and to protect them from phony worldviews and cultural pressures, thus stemming the alarming tide of attrition among youth from the church.

Fifty years ago the chief forces of opposition to historic Christian faith influencing our kids included atheism, evolution, secularism, occult practice, and cults such as Hare Krishna, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Christian Science, and so on. But today other lethal forces with more sophisticated names and approaches have joined (not replaced) those false systems of the past.

In this book seven individual “Mama Bear” writers (including General Editor, Hillary Morgan Ferrer) use illustrations and personal accounts to expose and tackle some of the most dangerous “isms” facing youth today: Self-Helpism, Naturalism, Skepticism, Postmodernism, Moral Relativism, Emotionalism, New Spirituality, Marxism, Feminism, and Progressive Christianity. The authors offer practical advice about how to educate and train and equip kids to discern and oppose such lies and deception.

The book is amazingly current. The chapter on Marxism is as relevant as the evening news, and it alone is worth the price of the book (I bought my copies for less than $9 apiece).

Mama Bear Apologetics is not just a book. It’s a movement. It’s bringing together more and more solidly evangelical Christian mothers who want to effectively defend their children against the false spiritual pressures of the day. Get in on this. Get ahold of this book, read it yourself, then pass it along to a young caring mother you know.

For more on Mama Bear Apologetics, begin by clicking here and listening in.

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