Grandson John Wyatt’s Next Heart Surgery

You may be among those who follow and pray for our family as well as our ministry.

If so, we’d appreciate your prayers for our youngest grandson, John Wyatt Witmer (age 5), son of Andrew & Maureen Witmer (Harrisonburg VA) in the time before, during, and after his third major open heart surgery, now scheduled for June 13, 2019 at the UVA Hospital in Charlottesville VA.

John was born on May 1, 2014, with a serious heart condition known as HLHS.

Thanks to the grace of God, much loving care from his parents, family, and friends, and amazing advances in medicine for dealing with this condition, John has had a great active five years of life. But now the time has come for this third critical surgery.

The best and most direct way for you to follow this story is to view (and subscribe to) the VA Witmers’ family blog at this link.

Lots of photos and details already posted, with more to follow.

Thanks for being “with us” all during this time.


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