Status Report on Mary Witmer, 181103

As of 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon, Mary’s heart continues in afib. This leaves her feeling very washed out. (I understand that feeling from years of experience with afib myself.) She speaks in a quiet voice, moves very slowly, and has almost no appetite. I’m used to her cheery smile and steady sunny disposition, but that has (understandably) been missing for three days now.

She was given a diuretic and insulin today to stabilize fluid retention and blood sugar levels. Her pain has been managed but continues to be a factor at times. She doesn’t like to ask for pain med in spite of my reassuring her that it’s okay to do so when she’s hurting here in the hospital.

In spite of all this and on a more positive note, her surgeon, Dr. Klemperer, was in about two hours ago and voiced optimism that medication and time will eventually eliminate the afib, although she will need to continue with afib meds for some time now.

Otherwise there has also been some good progress today, e.g. sitting up and even going for a short stroll in the hospital corridor, accompanied by two medical staff persons. Her oxygen line has been discontinued, her neck port bandages are off, and the chest tubes will probably be out by tomorrow. There is reason to believe that she may yet be discharged by next Tuesday afternoon, but we’ll see.

The days and nights are long for both of us right now, much like we had long anticipated would be the case.

We know that so many others in the world suffer far greater pain, heartache, loneliness, tears, discouragement, and indignity. And we’re exceedingly grateful for the sustaining grace of God and the love of family and friends like you.

More tomorrow, probably.

Daryl E. Witmer

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