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What Will You Do With Jesus?

A certain man once read a book of evidences for the Christian faith.  Upon realizing that there really was a great deal of very rational evidence supporting the claims of Jesus Christ, he decided to commit his life by faith to the Lord. In early January (this year) a young woman came to me with two questions: if evolution was a scientific fact, she said, how could there be a God?  And even if there was a God, why had He stood by while a dear friend of her’s committed suicide two years ago?  When this young lady discovered that there were answers to both questions that actually made sense, she too decided to believe and receive Jesus Christ.  Before she left my office she prayed, asking God to accept her sincere intentions to follow Him.

Christianity requires faith, but not blind faith. The decision to accept Christianity as truth calls for a rational faith. In other words, Christianity makes sense. Of all of the world religions, it fits most easily with the established facts of life. It correlates impeccably with history.  Late last year as I sat in a large auditorium at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, D.C, listening to over 1500 Chinese people worship Jesus Christ in song, I thought to myself, “Here are people with roots in the East, not the West, and not even the Middle East. Yet 2000 years after Jesus walked on this planet in only a small circle of the Middle East all these people are here today, obviously fully committed to this Man. The same is true for countless Koreans, innumerable Africans, and even multiplied thousands of Russians (in spite of a 70-year effort to obliterate all mention of Christ there). How can it be explained?  Only that this Jesus was no mere man. He was God. He was the Lord of creation. The Bible says that God made Him Lord (Acts 2:36)!  Whether you or I choose to believe that or not really, ultimately, makes no great difference in the simple, unequivocal, testimony of history and of all human experience: Jesus was very evidently exactly who He said He was.

Perhaps you have been reading this thoughtletter long enough to discover that there are, in fact, intelligent answers to the difficult questions about life and faith.  Now you have a decision to make. Will you take a step of faith toward the Lord?  We’re not talking here about any sort of mystical channeling with one more long-dead religious hero. Nor has this anything to do with joining a church. The proposal here is rather that you take a simple but intelligent and fully rational step of guided faith toward Jesus just as He is revealed in the Bible. He is alive today. You can begin by telling Him your story. He will meet you where you are.  Ask Him to forgive you for your moral indebtedness toward Him.  Then ask Him to begin to move in your life with understanding and peace and purpose.  Make a commitment to follow Him as best you can.  He’ll take care of the rest.  I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope for you to write to me when you make such a decision. If reading this paper each month has been helpful, or even if you have other sincere questions that still deter you from making a commitment to Christ, I’d very much want you to write me. I will make a sincere effort to personally read and respond to your correspondence.